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70 Mile House BC.
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Karyn and Terry 250 456 7404
Email: twinacresfarm@xplornet.ca

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We are proud to be members of these associations and societies
British Columbia Welsh Pony and Cob Association
Canadian Welsh Pony and Cob Society
British Columbia Carriage Driving Society
Equine Canada























Twin Acres Pembroke Welsh Corgis




___________These are our founding corgis, now retired from our breeding program.___________

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These wonderful little dogs stand between 10 and 12 inches tall and weigh between 28 and 30 lbs., making them great for children as they are small enough to not intimidate them and large enough not to be picked up. Our corgis have the temperament that helps them excel as a family pet, as they are affectionate and adapt well to most environments.
The origin of the corgi is believed to be in Wales as early as the 18th century, some believe the word corgi comes from the welsh word for dog. The corgi is the smallest of the herding breeds of dogs and originally was used work cattle, a job they are still capable to do to this
day, if trained properly.

Introducing the new members of our breeding program.

Our corgi`s are health tested and Cracker is clear of Degenerative Myopathy, the girls carry one marker, together these dogs will produce puppies that should not develop DM….All our breeding stock tests clear of Von Willebrant Syndrome…They are special little gentle natured dogs, love cuddles, adventures and are offered only to homes that understand how special they are. We produce two litters a year, usually in the winter months.

Please contact for a letter of introduction that will tell you more about our wonderful family members. We have a waiting list most the time.